Mixing &



€ 20

per track

Mixing & Mastering

€ 50*

per track

* max. 15 stems per track, € 5 for every extra stem

Feedback service

€ 10

per track


Finally your track is finished. The mix down sounds decent and you think it’s ready to be released. After exporting the track you play it on your computer.

...But compared to a track of one of your favorite artists your track is missing something. What could be wrong? This and other questions might pop up although there is probably nothing wrong with your track. The only essential thing missing is a decent master!

What is mastering?

The essence of mastering is preparing your track for distribution. A mastered track makes it more able to compete with other commercial tracks, ensuring that it sounds better than when it came in.

The process of mastering does not completely overhaul your sound quality. This means that it’s not a substitute for bad mixing. Mastering can’t create, or invent sounds and intentions that aren’t there from the beginning.

Mastering will make your track sound deeper, wider, more full and can make it more unique. It will take your track to the next level, to achieve that X factor sound you are looking for.

Curious? Let's get started!

Delivery specifications

This is what we need from you:

  • The track as at least a 16 bit 44.1 kHz WAV file and put these specifications in the name of the track, e.g.: Artist_-_Title_(16bit_441khz).wav
  • Make the Mix around -03.00 dB without any no compressors or other effects on the master channel.
  • Write down all important information about your track in a text file.
  • Also include one or two reference tracks of the same style as WAV files.

Write down all the important information for me to know to master your track. Explain and elaborate on what you think is good and bad about the song. For example if you think there is too much low-end/high-end? Send this in a text file along with your track.

Send me a copy if you have made a master on your own. So I can hear in which direction you want to go.

Make a zip of your files and send it via WeTransfer to: simbiosisstudio@gmail.com

Sharply priced to make mastering available for starting talent

20 years of experience in music with a professional studio engineering degree

Specialized in electronic music


Simbiosis Studio was founded by Daniel Calis

At 8 years old I got my first House CD from a neighbor and from that moment on I became completely lost in the world of electronic music.

With my CD player, record player and cassette deck I was scratching Sesame Street over my House CD’s and recording it on tape with my DIY mixer.

In my DJ booth made from chairs and curtains I pretended to be the resident DJ at the local club. Years later I was the DJ at local raves and I was giving away my music on the internet. Since then several years have past and I wanted to turn these years of practice into something profitable. Music is and always will be my passion. My dream is to help upcoming producers by being a platform to give them a chance in this ever growing world of electronic music. This is why I started my own studio focused on mastering and mixing for upcoming talent.